2. Prize — Designpreis Halle 2017 — »Time«
Axel Schindlbeck — Albert Clock

Everyone knows it, everyone has it – an alarm clock, a wristwatch, a kitchen clock. They tell us the time reliably, and can even be connected to the internet so that they can change to Central European Summer Time at three a.m. sharp, against our own internal clock. As for ourselves, we reliably sleep through the time change.

The clock designed by Axel Schindlbeck, however, presents a challenge. We can’t instantly take in the current time – at first, we need to do some calculations. From that perspective, the clock itself takes its time to reveal the time, a fact that can, as we have less and less time at our disposal, either help us slow down or drive us crazy. The jury of Designpreis Halle 2017 nominated Albert Clock because it is an equally humorous and intelligent object that does not simply indicate the time directly but demands our attention. Attention, however, is not a given today; the ability to stop and concentrate is increasingly undervalued.

Axel Schindlbeck (*1981) works as a freelance product designer in Marseille, France.