3. Prize — Designpreis Halle 2017 — »Time«
Charlotte Lengersdorf — Agil

For generations, there has been lively and at times even passionate debate among professionals about typefaces, their impressions and the features they are able to convey – in publications, at conferences, but also at universities that sometimes have their own specialised departments for this purpose. The meaning of handwriting as such has been equally well recognised: a person’s handwriting allows conclusions about the writer’s talents, education and, notably, his or her self-image. Between these two, a blind spot has developed, perhaps exactly where things were noted down by hand in former times but are now increasingly replaced by mechanized writing in our computer-aided everyday lives: emails, SMS messages, chats …

With its invitation to add some of the properties of handwriting to a typescript, Charlotte Lengersdorf’s typeface design presents an interesting cultural contribution against this background. The typeface, agil, does not artificially imitate analog writing, as handwriting fonts do, but instead integrates information into the writing about how much time was spent on writing the message, or which words were written fleetingly, distinguishing these from the well-reflected passages. ≫Forgive me for writing such a long letter≪, Goethe is said to have written in a letter to his friend Eckermann, ≫I had but little time.≪ With Charlotte Lengersdorf’s typeface agil, these lines would have been redundant.

The jury was impressed to see how the time factor was integrated in the context of a digital typeface. It particularly appreciates how the idea and the concept of this intervention were translated into the design. In recognition of this accomplishment, Charlotte Lengersdorf receives the third prize of Designpreis Halle 2017 for her typeface agil.

Charlotte Lengersdorf (*1992) studies Visual Communication (M.A.) at the Royal College of Art in London, United Kingdom.