Design Competition

»Amongst all the elements, water is the second heaviest and the second least constant … in the heat, it rises up in the air as a fine vapour; it freezes in the cold, and it goes off when left to stand … it takes on any smell, any colour or taste, and in itself has none … with a sweep or a leap it can rise up in the air just as it normally falls.« — Leonardo da Vinci

Designpreis Halle
2014: »Water«

Water is one of the elementary requirements for life on earth. The human body consists of 60 percent water. About 71percent of the surface of the earth is covered with water. Waters are precious habitats for plants and animals and are of high ecological importance. Water is our most important aliment and as such, it gets worryingly scarce.
Water can serve as a means of traffic and transport, for bodily hygiene, the preparation of food, for energy production, it offers recreation and pleasure and much more. It is, moreover, a very attractive and sensuous material.
As a topic, it is of high current and global significance; therefore, it can raise a multitude of ecological, economic, ethic and social questions and can lead to the most different applications but also to theoretical and socio-cultural questions.


First Prize
Emanuel Steffens

Second Prize
Estel Alcaraz Sancerni
Second Prize
Shira Keret

Special Recognitions
Esther Stühmer, Lisa Merck, Mathilde Gullaud, Camille Mabboux und Charlotte Degry

Exhibition Participants
Anjana Narayan, Camille Mabboux, Charlotte Degry, Dahea Sun, Dorothee Clasen, Moritz Wallasch and Sascha Praet, Elias-Kilian Schmidt and Andreas Pilarski, Emanuel Steffens, Estel Alcaraz Sancerni, Esther Stühmer, Frauke Rahr, Helen Acosta Iglesias, Laura Röthlisberger, Lisa Keller, Lisa Merk, Lisa Reichardt, Verena Ernst and Lara Sophie Strauss, Mark Braun, Martin Binder, Mathilde Gullaud, Paul Biedermann, Shira Keret, Theresa Schinagl, Venue

Prof. Vincenz Warnke

Prof. Volker Albus, , Thomas Edelmann, Prof. Axel Kufus, Nils Holger Moormann, , Prof. Peter Raacke, Prof. Vincenz Warnke