Designpreis Halle 2014 — »Water«
Dorothee Clasen, Moritz Wallasch and Sascha Praet — DISTASIGN

The application of traditional lighted signs or projection screens in traffic is limited by their practicability. DISTASIGN, which was developed on the basis of standard warning triangles, can be applied quickly and safely. At regular intervals, a nozzle sprays water which forms a five-metre high projection screen. It is lighted from below by means of an LED ring light. In order to minimize the danger of subsequent accidents, DISTASIGN can be placed right next to the car. Particularly at night, it has a strong long-distance warning effect, which helps to protect other road users as well. As it cannot be covered by passing lorries or other obstacles, the warning signal is visible at an early stage. Its visibility is further enhanced by electroluminescent foil which makes it useful even without the water warning signal.

Dorothee Clasen, *1987, Moritz Wallasch, *1984, and Sascha Praet, *1984, study Integrated Design at the International School of Design at Cologne University of Applied Sciences, Germany.