2. Prize — Designpreis Halle 2014 — »Water«
Estel Alcaraz Sancerni — Sardines

»It is not only in Catalan that "Estem com sardines" has a proverbial meaning. The designer has squeezed her boldly coloured rubber boots as tightly as sardines in a tin. You can use them to run or jump through large and small puddles. A flexible strap with the product´s name runs along the shaft of the boot while it is worn. In order to be transported or stowed away, the Sardines are rolled up. The flexible strap now serves to hold them together. A simple product wrapper that is open on three sides explains the background and shows the colours in which they are available.« – Thomas Edelmann, Chairman of the Jury

Estel Alcaraz Sancerni, *1988, manages the Department of Design, Image and Communication at EDSE Inventiva S.L. (Modular-Urbikes) in Barcelona, Spain.