Special Recognition — Designpreis Halle 2014 — »Water«
Esther Stühmer — Wassermarsch – A Walk in the Rain

»We expect a coat to protect us against wind and rain. Fashion is – unlike most other fields of design – the field in which form and function are interconnected without one being the result of the other. Pattern, material and fabrication, colours, textures and volume all come together to form an entity. The designer wanted to transform the unpleasantly wet experience of being "left out in the rain" into a pleasant one. For her, changing an attitude is "the starting point for action and communication". In order to create her coat, Wassermarsch, she experimented with thermoplastic moulding of textiles: the volume is increased by heat and the outer shell bulges inwards at predefined positions. The result was a three-dimensional method of patternmaking which facilitates shaping without tucks and seams. Water can, therefore, not enter at these points. And there´s more: the resulting grooves are used as drainpipes to lead the water away.
The jury applauds the experimental approach which led to a combination of insight and creation. The presentation and communication of the project is simple, comprehensible and inspiring.« – Thomas Edelmann, Chairman of the Jury

Esther Stühmer, *1980, is, together with Babro Scholz, the joint owner of Stühmer | Scholz in Hamburg, Germany.