1. Prize — Designpreis Halle 2017 — »Time«
Felix Vorreiter — Flux 1440 by Felix Vorreiter

How long is time? Communication designer and media artist Felix Vorreiter has found an answer to this question. To him, one day equals exactly 1,175 metres. One second measures 1.3 centimetres. In Vorreiter’s digitally controlled machine Flux 1440, a code-marked textile tape is moved on by exactly that length every second. After 57 seconds, the tape stops. For three seconds, the code on the tape, which runs through the machine and across the display in five rows, forms a time indication similar to a digital clock display. After that, the machine starts again, and the clearly legible numbers break down into an incomprehensible barcode, until it again displays the time
after 57 seconds, and so on.

What happens to the tape that is drawn into one side of the case of Flux 1440 and pushed out the other? Does it tangle up? Felix Vorreiter drafts a space installation with the tape running across a number of transport rollers. An alternative version suggests ceiling-high wall-like rolls to take up the tape.

Flux 1440 seems to conform to certain conventions of a wall clock, which we can read at
a glance. What could alternative ways of measuring and representing time look like? Felix Vorreiter presents an answer in three dimensions and on film. Manufacturing the product Flux 1440, however, seems rather complicated. As the textile tape’s calibration has not yet been solved, a tape that is precisely marked according to the defined path and time sections remains, for the time being, an
artistic concept rather than reality.

The entry thematizes our expectations of time and tries to make them material. The jury, most impressed with Vorreiter’s playful appropriation of time that equally emphasizes dimensions of space, technology and craft, is proud to award the first prize to Flux 1440.

Felix Vorreiter (*1978) works as a communication designer and media artist in Karlsruhe, Germany