Designpreis Halle 2010 — »Travel«
Venue: Historic Tram Depot

»As with Designpreis Halle 2007, a site of historic and topical reference was chosen: the historic tram depot. 3,000 metres of neon tape and thread visualize the connection between tradition and modern times and represent the tram network with its light rail system and routes. As an inviting gesture, the illuminated tracks guide visitors to the exhibition site´s entrance and seduce him to come in and look. Once the visitor has entered, the interior space becomes perceptible. Six old tram cars are arranged to form a point. Inside them, the exhibition objects are on display. Behind the car windows are cases in which the designs and drafts are presented in an artful way.« – Vincenz Warnke, Curator

Photographs: Isabella Kolata, Caspar Huckfeldt, Verein Hallesche Straßenbahnfreunde e. V.