Designpreis Halle 2007 — »Current«
Jenny Hasselbach, Sebastian Haustein, Weisu Huang, Friederike Kühne, Marion Pinard, Bastian Renner, Franziska Stübgen — Closed Society

»Sans papiers« are people who live amongst us without passports. They are human flotsam, searching for better living environments.The results of in-depth research were edited and put
together in a 140-page book titled Geschlossene Gesellschaft (Closed Society).

Jenny Hasselbach (* 1983), Sebastian Haustein (*1979), Weisu Huang (* 1979), Friederike Kühne (* 1983), Marion Pinard (* 1985), Bastian Renner (* 1983), Franziska Stübgen (* 1982), study communication design at Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design Halle, Germany