Designpreis Halle 2014 — »Water«
Martin Binder — Dark Dot – An Urn Made of Frozen Water

The idea to create an urn from ice goes back to the fact that the human body largely consists of water. Ice is semitransparent and expresses an openness towards death. The ashes are visible in the centre of the vessel as a Dark Dot (a term from Theodor Fontane´s poem Ausgang, engl. Exit). Death is accepted and not tabooed. At the same time, natural resources are saved. During the mourning rituals, the urn encloses the ashes of the deceased person. Then it starts to dissolve slowly, releasing the ashes to the sea or the earth. The passage from life to death is symbolized by the urn´s transition from one state of aggregation to the other – from ice to water.

Martin Binder, *1990, works as a junior designer for IONDESIGN in Berlin and studies Art in Context (M.A.) at the Berlin University of the Arts, Germany.