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Conditions of participation
Designers and students of all design disciplines under 40 years of age before the closing date of submission (on January 31, 2017) can participate in the competition. Members of the jury are excluded from participation.

The number of entries is limited to one entry per participant or participating team.

After the online registration (starting on the 2nd January 2017) participants/teams may submit a maximum of five DIN A3 posters mounted on solid board (such as foam core, cardboard, etc.), showing products, designs or concepts (i.e. design drawings, models, animations or prototypes).

Additional information may be submitted in digital format as video (as H.264, Quicktime, MPEG4, max. length three minutes) or interactive presentations (as PDF, Flash) on a media device. Alternatively a permanent link to the digital media can be listed in the online registration form.

An envelope with the name of the participant/s, containing a short CV (max. half a DIN A4 page per participant) and a description of the entry (max. 550 characters including blank space) and a short description (max. 200 characters including blank space) in German or English must be submitted. These documents should be submitted both online in digital format as well as printed and posted with your application.

All posted entries and documents must be legibly marked with the name of the participant/ participating team and registration ID (you will receive this ID by mail after the online registration). The submission is only valid if a printed and signed copy of the ‘Participation’ form is enclosed. This form will be sent to you by mail after the online registration (page two and three of the registration form).

Entries that do not comply with the formal regulations and which have not been submitted by the closing date (January 31, 2017) will not be taken into consideration (the effective date is the date of receipt). Please consider long postal routes from abroad.

Entry Fees/Costs
There is no entry fee. All costs for shipment and return shipment of the entry must be paid by the participant.

Pickup/Return Shipment
Those entries that were not selected must be collected within two weeks after notification if the participant wants his or her entry returned. Entries not picked up become the property of the promoter under full consideration of all applicable copyrights. Following the jury appraisal, the original material will be used for repackaging the entries. The participant is responsible for providing suitable and reusable packaging material. The promoter declines any liability for damages. The participant can reduce the danger of a possible loss or damage by taking out transport insurance and/or another suitable insurance at her/his own risk and cost.

Awards/ Jury
Designpreis Halle 2017 carries prize money of altogether EUR 10,000. The appraisal procedure and the division of the prize money will be determined by the jury. Beyond that, the jury can award one or more special mentions. The jury’s decisions are final; legal recourse is excluded. No explanations for the rejection of any given competition entry will be provided. By submitting his or her work, the participant fully accepts the competition conditions.

All selected competition entries are presented as part of a final exhibition and are shown in the catalogue. After the jury´s decision, the promoter will request models, prototypes and possibly other complementary photographs and drawings. In that case, the nominated participants will receive separate notification with further terms. The awards presentation and exhibition opening are scheduled for Mai 2017. The precise date will be announced in due time.

Legal Notice
By signing the ‘Participation’ form, the participant agrees that he or she is legally entitled to claim ownership of the work and is not violating any third party rights. In the case of a group effort or larger creative influence provided by others, all persons entitled to copyright mention must be cited by name. No copyright, patents and rights of use are transferred by participating and receiving the awards and special mentions. All rights to the work entered remain with the participant. The competition participant grants the promoter the right to use the submitted work as part of the exhibition, in publications and on the website free of charge, with the creator’s name explicitly stated.