Designpreis Halle 2014 — »Water«
Venue: Historic baths, the Stadtbad

»From the enormous flood of entries that reached us, an expert jury fished out the 19 best works for the exhibition at Halle?s historic baths, the Stadtbad. These were then presented on suspended trays in the changing cabins of the splendid Art Nouveau women´s pool. Elevated above the water and the changing cabins, the usually empty decorative frames now held large-format head-and-shoulders portraits of the nominated designers, adding further to the intimate atmosphere at the small oval pool. On June 3, 2014, the occasion of the opening night and award ceremony, the adjacent men´s pool was the venue for a team of synchronized swimmers from Berlin who presented a skillful show to a large audience. The event culminated when the spotlight followed each award winner as they were collected separately by a boat and rowed across the pool to receive their awards. This small but effective scenographic interlude to honour the nominees was clearly enjoyed by all those present and will surely leave a lasting impression!« – Vincenz Warnke, Curator